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Le cultivar

A genuine extra virgin olive oil

Our products are the result of careful and constant monitoring throughout the production chain: we start from the selection of cultivars to safeguard the typicality of the product, we take care of every aspect of the life of the plant, we harvest respecting the times of nature and using non-invasive mechanical means, the freshly picked olives are pressed in the same day with a cold extraction system, until a genuine extra virgin olive oil is obtained.

delicate taste

100% Ogliarola from Bari

It is cold extracted from the Ogliarola Bari cultivar, a safeguarded variety closely linked to the Giovinazzese territory.

Its delicate taste and a light almond touch, makes it ideal for enhancing a fish-based dinner.

spicy and bitter

100% Coratina

It is cold extracted from the Coratina cultivar, the flagship of Puglia.

Rich in polyphenols responsible for its bitter and spicy taste, it is ideal for adequate daily consumption.


Our blend

It is cold extracted from the Coratina and Ogliarola cultivars, a balanced and delicate mix to enhance your dishes.

Gift idea

Olidda is not only extra virgin olive oil. Sinuous shape and pastel colors make this product a collector’s item for your home, ideal as a wedding favor or gift idea. Perfect for restaurants that want to tell the story of our Puglia with their dishes.

Gift idea

Gift idea for your events.


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