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A family project

The Olidda farm was founded in 2015 from the initiative of Massimiliano, who has always been dedicated to enhancement of the Apulian treasures in the area culinary.

In the early 2000s he decides to take refuge in the serenity of the countryside and to undertake a challenge with himself aimed at knowing and improving the products that the land and the Apulian traditions offer.

Thus he began to practice the profession as a cook while dedicating himself to agriculture.

His burning passion drives his children, Manuela and Elio, to follow his footsteps and specialize in the sector food respectively as technologist and cook, thus creating the indisputable added value of this family project, which aims to produce high quality oils to give you the pleasure to discover and feel the flavors of our Puglia

for us Olidda is: Land, Sea and Roots in a bottle of oil.

Manuela Depergola

Food Technologist

Elio Depergola


We are localized in Giovinazzo, a village historically centered between the beautiful Mediterranean sea and olive groves, in the province of Bari.

Thanks to this combination, the Olidda farm was born on plots of lands close to the sea which, thanks to its mitigating influence, it guarantees us a product of excellent quality.

A genuine extra virgin olive oil

Our products are the result of careful and constant monitoring throughout the production chain: we start from the selection of cultivars to safeguard the typicality of the product, we take care of every aspect of the life of the plant, we harvest respecting the times of nature and using non-invasive mechanical means, the freshly picked olives are pressed in the same day with a cold extraction system, until a genuine extra virgin olive oil is obtained.